Monday, March 19, 2012

Alternative Spring Break: All In A Hard Day's Work

On the border of the Las Vegas and Sheep Ranges, there was once a road that sliced through the Desert Refuge. Today, volunteers on Alternative Spring Break made that road a memory.

“It’s really neat to look back at everything we’ve gotten done today,” said one of the volunteers, surveying the naturalized portion of road while leaning on a pulanski.

The team completed over 171 linear feet of road restoration – a huge accomplishment for a day’s work, and something the Desert Refuge flora and fauna will be grateful for. According to Matt Flores with Great Basin Institute, the area is home to Blue Diamond Cholla, a delicate Mojave endemic. Matt and volunteer Barry Morgan also installed a sign at the head of the illegal route for further protection.

The Student Conservation Association crew with the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership came out to lend an experienced hand to the group.

There were smiles all around, despite the chilly temperatures.

Campers are staying comfy at the camp site with restrooms provided by Port-A-Jane and new plates from GSI Outdoor, Spring Breakers ended the day tired but smilingn and ready for the campfire and chef Pat Bruce’s Dutch oven delights.

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