Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovell Canyon Clean-up Numero Dos

We had a great volunteer project with a awesome group of folks come out to the Spring Mountains NRA to make a difference. Over thirty folks turned out to clean-up of the main portal to the Rainbow Mountain & La Madre Wilderness. We then divided up into groups and some folks led by board members John & Hermi Hiatt hiked a mile in the Rainbow Wilderness to clean-up a camping area. The other Wilderness went up the Lovell Canyon road to the La Madre Wilderness and cleaned up a campsite and a shooter area inside Wilderness. The volunteers worked very hard and once again got a lot done and had a lot of fun while doing it. The day came to a close with a spirited snowball fight leaded by Ryan with the Circle K International Service Club with UNLV...Go CKI Rebels! Special thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday for the greater good of the Rainbow Mountain and La Madre Wilderness Areas. Special thanks to the Mt Charleston Licence Plate Program, National Forest Foundation. REI and the Nevada Community Foundation for making this day possible through their support of this program.

Nellis Wash Wilderness 16,423 acres

Weather in the Springs

Wilderness Monitors hiked into a canyon in the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness to check the condition of the Wilderness. It was a great day in the Wild and the monitors found a few things that were reported to the managing agency to help improve the wilderness quality of the area. How is your favorite Wilderness doing today?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Volunteer for Wilderness!

Kate cares. Kate's day job is working as ecologist in Wilderness areas all over the state, so one would think she does her part for the Wild. But for Kate that's still not enough, she writes articles for the Friends of Nevada Wilderness enews, provides website content and helps out on stewardship projects on her days off. Kate is making a real differnce for Wilderness. She is one of the few, the proud, a Wilderness Volunteer....Thanks Kate!

Do you like to write, take photos, help out in the office, or swing a pulaski? Wilderness needs you.

Lovell Canyon Clean Up Numero Uno

Sixteen hardy southern Nevadans gave up their Friday to clean up the West Side of the Spring Mountains NRA. They picked up over 27 full bags of trash, litter, broken glass by the bucket full and some bowling pins (???). We had a good time and enjoyed the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness while were at it. If you want to get out and make a difference the Spring Mountains or a Wilderness near you ...give us a call.

Boundary Peak

Boundary Peak (13,147ft) the highest point in Nevada stands watch on the western border of the Silver State in Esmeralda County.