Thursday, January 31, 2013

Take ACTION for Nevada's Wild Places - Support Proposed Wovoka Wilderness!

Support the Proposed Wovoka Wilderness and the bi-partisan effort that led to its re-introduction: sign this letter of support -

World-class fly-fishing and bonding ground along the Walker River
in the Proposed Wovoka Wilderness by Kurt Kuznicki

Native grass on Wovoka's high playas by Brian Beffort

Rugged Nevada landscapes in Wovoka by Kurt Kuznicki

Thank you Senator Reid, for your leadership working for a balanced bill that will provide jobs for the County while also protecting an incredible corner of Nevada. Thank you Senator Heller for working collaboratively during lame duck and this new session to move this forward.

Reflecting and refreshing in the Proposed Wovoka Wilderness by Brian Beffort
Magic Light in Wovoka by Kirk Peterson


Monday, January 28, 2013

This Is Nevada...

Winter light on the rugged Pinto Valley Wilderness in the
Lake Mead National Recreation Area, located in southern Nevada '
and managed by the National Park Service (photo by Kurt Kuznicki)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Celebrating National Trails Day in Mt. Rose!

Our volunteers and supporters love wilderness,
and they love building igloos! (photo by Brian Beffort)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Friends in the News: Wowwed by Wovoka

Volunteer Levi enjoys the rush of the river and the sun on his skin
in the proposed Wovoka Wilderness.
Shaaron Netherton, fearless leader/Executive Director of Friends of Nevada Wilderness, spoke about the Wovoka Wilderness bill in Lyon County with the Nevada Appeal and Associated Press.
               “I think it's a good faith effort on the part of everyone. Everybody
               gave a little bit and that's how we get things done in Nevada. It
               was a good bipartisan effort.”

The bill will be re-introduced for the new Congress, along with the Pine Forest Recreation Enhancement Act, later this quarter. You can read the full article here: