Monday, September 13, 2010

National Public Lands Day Events

Sunrise on the Black Rock Playa (photo by Brian Beffort)

Friends of Nevada Wilderness will be participating in multiple events for National Public Lands Day across the state. In northern Nevada, FNW will be leading a restoration trip to the Black Rock area September 17-19. Nevada Outdoor School will be hosting a kids’ camp to teach the younger campers about conservation and the environment while FNW puts the grown-ups to work. To preserve the playa's natural beauty, we will be building fences to keep off-highway vehicles out of protected areas and removing debris. Interested in joining us? Call (775) 324-7667.

Spring Mountains in Fall (photo by Kurt Kuznicki)

For southern Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Kurt Kuznicki will be leading a trip to the Spring Mountains on September 25 from 8 am to 4 pm, the official date of National Public Lands Day. Trail maintenance and trail building for the Blue Tree Trail System will be the focus of this outing, which is open to adults, families, and seniors. Want to tag along? Call Kurt at (775) 745-3119.

Check back later this week for other National Public Lands Day events in your area!

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