Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lush Charity Pot Stewardship Project in Gold Butte

Lush Cosmetics brought ten customers from around North America out to work in Gold Butte (after enjoying a day of pampering in their Mandalay Bay store!). The team worked along the Falling Man Trail, and hiked up to see some of the famous Gold Butte petroglyphs.

Enjoying the fresh Nevada air!

Posin' with petroglyphs


The whole team celebrates their work in Gold Butte!

The volunteers planted 100 natives along the Falling Man Trail.

Getting a little dirty...

...and very happy!

Your host, the man of the hour, the one and only KURT KUZNICKI!!!!

Do you tortoise Gold Butte? We sure do!!

Gloves protect hands that received lovely Lush treatments the day before!

Getting in tune with the ancient song that is Gold Butte!

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