Thursday, September 27, 2012

Investing Sweat Equity in the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Volunteers celebrated National Public Lands Day by showing some love to the natural resources in the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon-Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. Sensitive habitat was encircled with fencing, recreation sites were picked up, and citizen spring monitors taught volunteers how to gather important spring data in the national conservation area, one of 16 in America's National Conservation Lands system.

Smile while you work! Pat Bruce (in safety yellow!) mans the drill while Zack Million from the Winnemucca BLM steadies the buck-and-rail fence during construction.

Volunteers built 160 feet of fence around sensitive dune habitat - home to kit foxes and kangaroo mice - near Trego Hot Springs in the Black Rock-High Rock National Conservation Area.

Little volunteers-in-training assist with clean-up and enjoy the crisp Nevada air!

All photos by Renee Aldrich.

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