Friday, July 20, 2012

Stewardship on the Sheldon Refuge: A Weekend of Smiles and Sunshine

A team of hard workers! The volunteers joined the Sheldon 2012 Fence Crew to remove barbed wire from pronghorn and sage grouse habitat in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Nevada.

Volunteer Chuck Thomas and Friends' Executive Director Shaaron Netherton clip wire in preparation for the rolling team.

Giving wildlife room to roam. Removing the barbed wire fence will open up migratory routes and water access for pronghorn. Rather than leap over the fence, pronghorn shimmy under, and can get entangled and injured in the old fence.

Getting out old fence posts...

...and making new friends!

Thanks to all the hardworking volunteers that came out - the pronghorn and sage grouse that call the Sheldon home thank you too!! But if you didn't get to join us this time, there's still opportunities to volunteer on the Sheldon this summer - contact Pat Bruce at for trip dates and details!

All photos by Graham Stafford

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