Monday, November 01, 2010

Journey to the Center of the Wild: Wes Hoskins on the Hunter Creek Trail

By Wes Hoskins

Renee, Michael, Sara, Paul, and Tim (photo by Wes Hoskins)

On Saturday, October 23, four volunteers from the UNR Freshman Honors program along with Renee Aldrich and I hiked up our favorite drainage, Hunter Creek. We installed 10 check steps and dams to help with eroded areas caused by: (1) the amount of people using the trail and (2) the fact that the trail resides on steep slope.

Paul hard at work on the trail (Wes Hoskins)

We also naturalized by revegetating 3 informal trails that led down to the creek. On this trail there are no designated routes down to the water.

Michael and Sara pause for a picture (Wes Hoskins)

We did leave a few places to access the water so that dogs and people may drink. We humbly ask that if you are on the Hunter Creek Trail and need to get to the water please don’t walk where a path has not already been developed. The paths that exist now have been consciously left there.

Tim and Paul create a designated path to the creek (Wes Hoskins)

I look forward to hiking the trail in the winter, but we won’t be doing any more work there until 2011. Thanks again to Tim, Paul, Sara, Michael, and Renee!

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