Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Journey to the Center of the Wild: Kurt Kuznicki and the Las Vegas Mountaineers Club on the South Loop Trail

By Kurt Kuznicki

We partnered with the US Forest Service and another volunteer along with the Las Vegas Mountaineers Club to work on the South Loop Trail in the Mt. Charleston Wilderness. Five of us camped overnight before the trip in the Cathedral Rock area.

We hiked up the South Loop Trail with the intentions of restoring the big switchback cuts just below the ridge, but turned around because of slippery, snowy slopes.

We came back down to around 9700 ft and started repairing switchback cuts on the way down. It was pretty chilly and the trail was wet and muddy but we were rewarded with beautiful view of a cloudy valley and a very snowy Mt. Charleston.

A great big "Wild Thank You" to the Las Vegas Mountaineers Club for coming out on a chilly damp day to make a difference by doing some trail work in the Mt. Charleston Wilderness!

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