Sunday, March 07, 2010

La Madre Mountain Wilderness Route Restoration

What a great day! Every volunteer event is fun, but then there are always those that seem to stand a bit above the rest and this was one of those projects. It seemed like everyone was really energized and ready for some fun. We did a tough restoration on a hillside (a real ankle twister),but everyone pitched and in no time we were finished. We hiked in to the second route, but not before some PB&J's and an interesting game of Ninja Wars(???) After lunch Tom one of the Archeologist's talked about his work in the La Madre Mountain Wilderness and the importance of leaving what you find for future generations of Americans to enjoy. We then grab our Pulaskis and restored the second closed route in no time flat. It seemed that even when the trip was over no one wanted to go home so we just hung out and chatted for a while. I think we all felt that we made a difference and made some new friends along the way.

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