Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain Tree Project

Some folks go to the Mt Charleston Wilderness for enlightenment, others go there to get a from it all, some to esacape the summer heat or enjoy the winter snow, and some folks go there to build things, like wind structures, they're everywhere, on top of peaks, in windy saddles ( am I missing something???) or at the foot of one of the oldest if not the most famous tree in the forest. Wind structures take away from the undeveloped character of the lands and cause damage to the resource. So fight that construction urge if you think you have to build stuff...go buy an erector set or some legos but please leave the Bristlecone alone. Even the stuff that looks dead as door nail it could be 1000's of years old and that old stump could still be alive. Some wonderful volunteers from Friends of Nevada Wilderness hiked up to the Rain Tree via trail Canyon and removed some of the downed Bristlecone from around the area where the Raintree holds court.

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