Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black Rock Rendezvous 2009

Friends of Nevada Wilderness volunteers, Nevada Outdoor School and the BLM partnered in the rehabilitation and restoration of the Coyote Springs Dune Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. This area had suffered damage from repeated illegal OHV use. These dunes are sensitive habitat for kit fox, as well as other small animal species. They are also a crucial source of water in the area. To prevent further damage a total of 500 feet of buck and rail fence was constructed and dune surfaces were re-inflated, restoring original contours. Volunteers also removed trash from the surrounding areas. Twenty-five volunteers participated in the restoration event.

Also twelve volunteers hiked down into Fly Canyon to finish the removal of an unnecessary barbed wire fence. On this project volunteers removed one quarter mile of barbed wire.

There was cowboy poetry, three bands from Reno, site tours, chuck wagon dinners and the Control Burn fire dancers as well as a Dutch Oven cook-off, Stephanie LeFevre and Holly Palmer of Nevada Outdoor School split the victory, Stephanie with Short Ribs and Holly with a crunchy apple crisp.

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